Orange Scaffold for Scaffolding Hire North Shore and Auckland


Orange Scaffold Ltd is a scaffolding hire company based in Auckland. In 2005 Gavin Houghton invested in the best scaffold system in the world – the ‘Layher‘ scaffold system. With 20 years of experience as a self-employed builder he wanted the best equipment to provide a reliable service to clients. Orange Scaffold has since grown to 12 employees and we continue to offer a high quality service. With experienced team members and the superior gear you would expect from industry professionals, we will achieve the best outcome.

Why Orange Scaffold for scaffolding hire North Shore and Auckland?

We aim to construct the best scaffold setup for your building project using the ‘Layher’ German engineered scaffolding system. Layher is reliable and safe but also fast to set up on a variety of construction sites for many uses. In addition to scaffolding hire we can provide plastic wrap, roof edge protection, site fencing and mobile towers.

We consult with expert engineers for those ‘impossible’ solutions to your scaffolding requirements. We love a challenge and will always ensure the safest work environment for builders, roofers, painters and maintenance companies whilst retaining maximum functionality. You need your scaffolding solution to go up quickly, be safe, secure and exceed your expectations; we can do that for you.

Quality gear + Quality team = Quality service 

Scaffolding Hire Auckland Projects – Some examples of our innovation:

1. The client required a scaffold to span across a stream and have a cantilevered section beneath the main span. The whole structure had to be able to withstand a flash flood. Our consultant engineer came up with a plan, and we were able to provide the client with a solution they were happy with. It came in under budget and it was never tested by a flash flood!

2. An office within a multiple use building required a scaffold floor that would not interfere with retailers in the lower section of the building, or limit access to a feature stairway in the centre of the building. We were able to design and build a ‘sky floor’ 12m above the ground to meet their needs. The client referred to us as, “The greatest scaffolding company in the world!”

3. Roof repairs or indeed roof replacement can be a difficult process. You need a solution that will protect your home or business from the weather. Our temporary roof options are ideal for these situations. We can use minimal scaffolding with wrapping to create a temporary pop-up roof which protects for repairs and removal. The temporary roof can then be easily removed when your new roof is finished.

4. A high-rise scaffolding job required that only half of the roof area was covered. The potential for a weak structure was high. Our solution was to tie the scaffold to the building in a way that did not interfere with the work to be carried out. The scaffold held up to three of the worst storms in Auckland in one summer; sadly the wrap was lost during one of them!

For scaffolding hire in Auckland choose Orange Scaffold because supporting your business is our business. Contact us via our website and browse the images and descriptions of past projects exhibiting the innovation and design expertise of our team.

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